Purchasing a new sports bike is a delightful experience, especially when someone is looking for a Kawasaki klr650 for sale. After the advent of mountain bike, there is an exciting new development in the automotive world, especially in the sports bike segment. Every rider should experience the new taste of adventure by riding none other than the all new Kawasaki klr650 sports bike, which is the dream of every rider. A long-standing model in the Kawasaki lineup was launched in 1987, and it was unchanged even until 2007.


In expert’s language, Kawasaki klr650 is a crocodile of the motorcycle world. It is the best selling dual sports bike that has truly charmed the sports bike lovers world-wide. Klr650 for sale in Queensland contains a double-down tube, and stressed engine frame made of steel. The rear monoshock comes with rebounded and preloaded adjustments that offer 7.3 inches of travel.

What’s new in this

The all new Kawasaki klr650 is the most popular single cylinder, dual-sport motorcycle. Although it is relatively a small member of the adventure bike segment, the klr650 is possibly one of the biggest world travelers. Long range, easy to use power, comfortable ergonomics and simple efficiency are some of the trademarks of this stunning bike. It is always recommended to choose klr650 for sale only from the trusted dealers to get the best deal.

Kawasaki overhauled the KLR for the first time in 2008 with a complete update. It got a sturdier suspension that makes this bike an amazing option for both dirt and street. Kawasaki klr650 is quite a big machine, but it offers a much lighter feel while riding. With an outstanding six gallons of fuel capacity, this bike is designed for long-range comfort. Enriched with optional features like large windscreen, soft seat and large rack on rear fender, one can easily find a klr650 for sale in QLD.

Let’s talk about drive train

The four-cycle thumper acts as a beating heart for this dual-purpose animal. Geared up with a 651 cc engine and a constant-velocity carburetor, the klr650 is easy to repair and comes with less-expensive maintenance. The water jacket that capsulates the engine is quite helpful in attenuating the mechanical noise of the engine. In addition to the simple carburetor induction, the klr650 for sale in QLD comes with a tough but equally simple capacitor discharge ignition system that helps in managing the spark. A reliable drive system is featured with five-speed transmission and sealed link chain.


Earlier considered as a terribly lucrative world, but now with the innovations, motorcycling has truly become an interesting one. Only the motorcycle enthusiasts can understand the importance of owning a power packed motor bike on which they will love to explore the world. The outstanding Kawasaki klr650 for sale is stuffed with some truly mind boggling features that make it a compelling option for all. The Kawasaki motorcycles have truly proven themselves as the best mountain bikes that are the favorite of even the professionals worldwide. For more details, just visit http://www.crazydogs.com.au/product/2016-klr650/.